Loïc Touzé

Cabaret Brouillon

Création 2023

Without horizon     Without drama

Cabaret Brouillon

"In Cabaret Brouillon, six performers propose to play with the remnants and the ruins of the History of cabaret. Speaking, singing, dancing, proffering, pretending, suspending the present in order to let a few joyous, salutary, and grotesque figures come to light.
A mix of absurdity, cruelty, naivety, poetry, melancholy and irony, Cabaret Brouillon opens up a shared space where innovative attempts are spliced together, where a succession of drafts and sketches are experimented. Fantasy, insolence and dark humour slip into the construction of a scenic gesture which is both fragmented and continuous, a dilation of time. Rudimentary and quite unspectacular, this space, shared by those who are in it and those who enter, needs to be just loose enough for everyone to feel welcome, and just tight enough to call their attention towards perceiving more than what is exhibited there."

Loic Touzé



Conception and chorégraphy Loïc Touzé
In collaboration with the interpreters : Laurent Cebe, Maëlle Gozlan, Helena de Laurens, David Marques, Johann Nöhles, Lina Schlageter.


Coproduction : La Soufflerie - Rezé, CDCN Chorège - Falaise, CDCN Atelier de Paris, Cndc - Angers dans le cadre des Accueil Studio
Partners : Buda, Courtrai
Ce projet bénéficie de l’aide à la création de la Région Pays de la Loire

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