Loïc Touzé


The decision to make this audio series is linked to the way the work of Loïc Touzé always starts from a poetic take on words, inseparable from the process of an emerging piece.

In these eight sequences Loïc Touzé evokes stories, acting, the process of emergence of a gesture which is differentiated in each piece, and collaboration, all of which are major topics in his choreographic work. Other sequences will be recorded to complete this ensemble.

These recordings were done on September 21st 2018 by Cécile Tonizzo at the D.U.U.U radio studios, in the presence of Anne Lenglet.


The editing done by Cécile Tonizzo
includes musical excerpts by Henri Bertand Lesguiller and sound work by Éric Yvelin,
with additional music form Yellowstone National Park Service and form l'étude Op. 10 n° 5 by Frédéric Chopin, interpretation by Chiara Bertoglio (CC BY 3.0)
Mix : Gaspar Colin and Marine Angé
Co-production : DUUU*, ORO