Loïc Touzé



Masterclass Loïc Touzé - 20 to 24 février 2023 - CDCN Atelier de Paris -
Masterclass Loïc Touzé - 25 and 26 mars - Traverse, Campan
Faire faire une danse - Loic Touzé et Mathieu Bouvier - 22 mai au 2 juin 2023 - Le lieu unique, Scène nationale de Nantes – studio de la Libre Usine

The technical practice that I propose stems from my experience as a dancer and teacher, it is nourished by an approach based on somatic techniques, in which the imagination plays a primordial role. The body is solicited in all its relational dimensions, it is moved rather than moving, conquered rather than conquering.

The gesture is experience, it takes part in a clairvoyance. The technique is above all a learning process that aims to erase the technique, for the benefit of an active gesture.
I don't try to transmit an aesthetic or a way of composing, but I work towards stimulating all types of physical, imaginary, psychological and perceptive spaces, so that they enter into dialog, in order to encourage and clarify the relationship between the dancer and himself, as well as his environment.
I teach in higher education in dance and theatre, for the Master Exerce at the National Choreographic Centre of Montpellier, at the Manufacture, the Performing Arts School of Lausanne, and at the National Theatre School of Strasbourg.
I am also available, accompanied by my team of artists, for educational artistic projects in theatres, schools and high-schools, in the form of practical workshops or conferences.
I have been invited to teach in different professional contexts in France and abroad.
My teaching is profoundly nourished by the research that Mathieu Bouvier and I have undertaken since 2010. Together we regularly give workshops aimed at professional performing artists that articulate practice and theory.

Loic Touzé

photo credit : Photolosa.org/Pierre Ricci - Formation Extensions 2018/2019 from CDCN Toulouse