Loïc Touzé

Autour de la table

Creation 2008


The Around the Table (ATT) project encourages the circulation of knowledge about gesture and the reciprocity of exchange, both of which it sets about to « perform ». Imagined at the scale of a city, ATT proposes a process of interviews to its inhabitants, which leads to the creation of a story about their relationship to gesture, bringing their specific knowledge into play through their skills and imagination. At the end of the process these stories are made public, adding a contributive audience to the experience of storytelling.

Imagined by Anne Kerzerho and Loïc Touzé in 2008, « Around the Table » has also been developed by Louma/Alain Michard, the Çati association in Istanbul and the kom.post collective in France and abroad. The implementation protocol is established in collaboration with the organising structure. An international team joins the local team in charge of the meetings and the preparation of the edition.



Production : ORO, Association Çati, collectif kom.post

With the support of Institut Français, of the city of Nantes, of Istanbul Europe Express, of TU/Nantes, of Cimetta Funds, of Idans Festival, of TanzImAugust Festival