Loïc Touzé


Creation 2012

a performative act not public

The Masse project is a choreographic composition based on an encounter between dancers and a community of individuals connected through their work or hobbies by a specific use of the body (firemen, rugby players, teachers...).
By definition, a mass is a group of people gathered and concentrated on a temporary basis. The Masse project is a representation of that movement and was conceived from the beginning as an exhibit.
Films and photographs bear witness to the experimentation. The procedure of the encounter is always the same, but the experience changes with each new context. Each participant steps
forward to the centre of the space with his eyes closed. The bodies press together and melt into each other until they create a mass. That mass rises up and then collapses. The length of the process varies according to the context and the people who take part in it. A mass was formed with a rugby team from Rennes and another with a brigade of firemen from Montpellier. The invitation from the Dourven gave the artists the opportunity to meet with the Skal Gouren Bear (the Breton wrestling club of Bégard) and to present the whole first phase of the project.



Conception Loïc Touzé with Latifa Laâbissi and Jocelyn Cottencin


Production ORO
With the support of Galerie du Dourven, Trédez-Locquemeau