Loïc Touzé

Voici Ulysse sur son bateau

creation young public 2016


In Italian, Ulysses means "odysseo". Ulysses therefore contains his own journey.
The two performers, Bryan Campbell and Simona Rossi, are both Ulysses, his epic but also all the other creatures of his myth.
They speak and are represented by the body. Between dance, text and soundtrack, by Jonathan Seilman, makes sure to never lose the main thread of the Ulysses myth : the journey of a man who doesn't want to forget who he is (a man shaped by his land, his family, his wife…)
Ulysses served him wine, again and again. The Cyclops, who had never drunk in his life, was quickly inebriated.
"What's your name, gentle bearded one?" he mumbled thickly.
"My name is Nobody" replied Ulysses.
"That's how my father and mother named me, Nobody. "
In pronouncing these words, the king of Ithaca felt a shiver run down his back. And if, actually, its long
epic far from his own had made him forget all? . What if he was really nobody?

Excerpt from the 45th episode "Where Ulysses makes the acquaintance of the Cyclops" in Le feuilleton d'Ulysse by Murielle Szac

Extrait vidéo "Voici Ulysse sur son bateau"



conception and choreography Loïc Touzé
dance and performance Bryan Campbell, Simona Rossi
music Jonathan Seilman


Production ORO
Coproduction : Le Gymnase | CDC Roubaix, Le Cuvier CDC Aquitaine, Association ORO, CDC Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson, Danse à Tous les Etages scène de territoire danse en Bretagne, L’Echangeur – CDC Picardie, KLAP Maison pour la danse Marseille, Théâtre Massalia Marseille.
Soutien : Le Pacifique | CDC Grenoble
Tanks to : Honolulu - Nantes, Cie Non Nova - Phia Ménard

With the support of Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / Direction Générale de la Création Artistique.

Crédit photo © Frédéric Iovino