Loïc Touzé


creation 2011

make an     imaginary   Hip Hop   

Using a sensitive alphabet, intimate and artistic, as an invisible frame, Yasmin Rahmani and Loïc Touzé attempt a return to the sources of a language: hip hop. A mixed archaeology of the history of a movement and that of the singular career of a dancer, Yasmin Rahmani.
Initiated upon invitation by the Théâtre Universitaire, the piece is a conversation between two dancers of the same generation whose artistic careers contain obvious differences. One, Yasmin, is a pioneer of French Hip Hop in the 80's. The other, Loïc, after training as a ballet dancer at the Opera de Paris, inscribes his work as part of the "critical" movement of contemporary dance in the 90's and unceasingly questions the roots of choreography. However, Yasmin and Loïc share common zones and a common question: what is dance? What is dance space ? Where do we come from when we dance? 

This meeting is an opportunity for both dancers to go back to their starting points. And somehow, to start again. Loic Touzé enters an unknown field, Hip Hop, its codes and figures. By positioning himself as an environment for interrogation, he adopts the posture of a beginner. A posture which is also necessary for Yasmin Rahmani who constantly questions dance, his dance, and its challenges. 
GOMME is the result of a dialog around the return to the roots, an exploration of traces, to set a story, a body, a dance in motion. An invitation to (not) erase in order to start over and go back to the basics of gesture.



with Loïc Touzé and Yasmin Rahmani
scenography Jocelyn Cottencin


Production TU/Nantes
Associate producer ORO
with the help for residency and the project of the Ville de Nantes

Crédit photo © Martin Agryroglo