Loïc Touzé

Petit trafic

création 2021

In Los Angeles in April 1959, Jacques Tati and Buster Keaton meet for the first and only time. They go into an office specially reserved for them, and stay there for four hours with no witnesses. When they come out, one of Tati’s collaborators asks : « What did you talk about for so long ? » And Tati answers : « Nothing, absolutely nothing, we just did some exercices with a chair. » The absence of images of this meeting and the response formulated by Tati invites me to compose a poem of simple actions using a chair. This meeting is between two men who deeply admire each other. What form of consideration, attention, patience, or daring do they share with one another ? Are they surprised, taken aback, touched by a silent exchange of gestures, or is it the rhythm, and only the rhythm that counts ? Let’s take a moment to wander into that space, place a chair between two men and see what’s afoot, a slant, a sway, an impatient angle or a daring fall. Sliding, supporting, interlocking, diverting, metamorphosing, we search for movement in the form, fiddling with gestures, measurements and agility. The legacy of these two immense artists consists not only of burlesque situations and subtle humour, it is also the work of simple, modest actions, a way of letting us feel our imagination overflow what we see.

Loïc Touzé



Conception et chorégraphie Loïc Touzé
Interprètes David Marques, Johann Nöhles, Loïc Touzé
Regard artistique Alice Gautier
Assistante stagiaire Jeanne Kleinman
Musique Henri Bertrand Lesguiller


Production ORO
Coproduction : SACD, Festival d'Avignon

Crédit photo © Alice Gautier